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B.inggris 4

*Correct the incorrect sentences
1.      I wish that you could repair my broken computer.
2.      Lintang would rather eat orange than apple.
3.      Brenda prefers  to go to berlin than go to paris.
4.      She wishes that she was coming to the party.
5.      This car costs twenty dollar.
6.      Angel is supposed to study tonight.
7.      It may have rained last night.
8.      Depok’s climate is different with bekasi’s .
9.      These are twenty-dollar shoes.
10.  Olivia should have finished  her study.
11.  His car runs as fast as a race car.
13.  The little boy’s mother bought him a five-speed racing bicycle for his birthday.
14.  Edwin had such enjoyable vacation in europe this summer that he plans to return as soon as he saves enough money.
*Supply the correct form of the verb, adjective or adverb of the following sentences
1.      Could Understand
2.      Will accept
3.      Study
4.      Soon
5.      Writes
6.      Would talked
7.      Could found
8.      Bad
9.      Well
10.  Gives
11.  Would called us
12.  Fluent
13.  Sick
14.  Had explained
15.  Stay
16.  Fast
17.  More important
18.  As hot
#Change these active sentences into passive sentences
1.      A bowl of bakso is being eaten by me.
2.      The broken computers have been repaired by us.
3.      I was given a new dress by her.
4.      English is being studied by then.
5.      I am sent a lot of letters every month by her.
6.      The questioned are answered correctly by Brenda.
7.      Mr. Theodorus will be called by Mr. Robert tonight.
8.      Your handphone should be switched off in the train.

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